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THE EDGE was a semi-underground, semi-professional review and comment magazine published in print and online, often at erratic intervals, between 1991 and 2013.

Among others, THE EDGE featured Iain Banks, Clive Barker, Steve Beard, Anne Billson, Jonathan Carroll, Mark Chadbourn, Storm Constantine, Paul Di Filippo, Christopher Fowler, William Gibson, M John Harrison, Graham Joyce, Ken MacLeod, Robert Meadley, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Kim Newman, Joyce Carol Oates, Bridget Penney, Chris Petit, Christopher Priest, Kim Stanley Robinson, James Sallis, Iain Sinclair, Indra Sinha, Michael Marshall, Jason Starr, Peter Whitehead and Snoo Wilson.

The best of the material from those years will appear here in the near future, including all of the content from the old site.

We are now working on the new THE EDGE. The first print issue will be published later this year. We'll be publishing features, reviews and fiction.

This temporary page will be replaced by our new site in the near future. For detailed news of this site and the new print magazine, follow @THEEDGEInteract on Twitter. It's also a good idea to follow the editor's account, which is @THEEDGELondon. Alternatively, if you subscribe (rates soon), email us and ask to be placed on the Important News Only email list.

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